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Total Pay is a fast and easy way to view military pay. Total Pay benefits and is useful for Active Duty, Guardsmen, Reservists, Spouses, Veterans, GS Employees & Civilians.

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    TOTAL PAY = Base Pay + Allowances + Special Duty & Incentive Pays

      Total Pay includes the latest up-to-date military pay information and is the only app that calculates Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) and General Schedule (GS) Pay.

        The app is FREE and will always be updated for FREE.

          Unlike other apps, Total Pay requires NO Login information and asks NO personal information. Whatsoever.

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                Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard
                Army Marine Corps Navy Air Force Coast Guard


                Matt Pagan created Total Pay to help service members & their families, regardless of where they were stationed in the world, view military pay and have easy access to the various pay types the military offers.


                #1 Military Finance App on the App Store.
                Featured in The Globe, an authorized publication of the Department of Defense and on the various military resources below.


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                • "Easy to use. Good app for any leader to have on his phone."

                  CPT Fiona Peden, USA
                • "Solid app for people interested in knowing the pay scales of military personnel. Great for potential recruits as well as those currently serving and their family members. Easy to use and accurate. Highly recommend."

                  PO3 Kyle Jones, USN
                • "Excellent app & resource to have for any rank."

                  Cpl Smith, USMC